How can I use the Essay Builder?



Start with one word. Add one more. Create a web of ideas and actions. Connect topics with verbs. Make claims.


The Essay Builder analyzes your claims and asks questions to help you think through and expand your ideas.


Rewrite and rearrange your claims as you develop your ideas. WriteLab helps you create an outline alongside your graph.


Share your graph to get more feedback. Import your ideas into WriteLab when you're ready to start writing.

Why create the Essay Builder?


Getting started is hard. When we sit down to write, we have to decide what to say and how to say it. Often, this means staring at a blank page or screen for hours, trying to think of the right words.

The words we use at this stage are powerful. They shape and influence our writing. When we speak, we impart meaning with tone and visual cues, like facial expressions or hand gestures. But when we write, we rely on words alone.

So we experiment with different words and phrases, narrowing and refining our ideas and the language with which we describe them, rewriting and rethinking until we've identified the right words.

The Essay Builder helps you find these words.
It takes you from a single word to a series of
well-formed ideas and claims that you can use
to begin writing.


How can I learn more?

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