How it Works



Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your draft. WriteLab will identify and revise parts of your prose that need work. You'll receive a revised text and a summary of what's changed.



Look over WriteLab's changes, reject any you don't want, and make final edits. Then share your writing with colleagues. After they read and respond, review their feedback in WriteLab.



Export your writing from WriteLab and send it off. You can download or print your text, or move it to your favorite email client or word processor.

Immediate revisions

With WriteLab's quick, intelligent revisions, you'll never be caught with unclear writing. WriteLab revises any cluttered or confusing sentences before you send off emails or present to your team. With WriteLab, you can devote more time to developing your ideas without worrying about the small stuff.



Revisions beyond grammar

WriteLab uses industry-leading natural language processing and machine learning to improve the grammar, concision, clarity, and logic of your text. Uniquely, WriteLab explains the rationale behind revisions, helping you prevent future issues. WriteLab also compliments what you do well, reinforcing effective writing.

Programmed to learn your preferences

WriteLab learns from everyone’s writing choices, and it pays attention to the unique elements of your writing. This means that, when you reject a revision, WriteLab remembers. Over time, WriteLab learns from your decisions and customizes its revsions to suit your writing style.



From idea to expression 

WriteLab's four modules provide revisions as you draft and polish your writing. Write clear, connected prose with Clarity revisions. Use our Logic feedback to reason soundly — and sound reasonable, too. Trim unnecessary words and focus your sentences in Concision. Then clean everything up with Grammar.

Write with colleagues

Use WriteLab to take notes on your draft or to leave questions and comments for your colleagues. Then share your draft so they reply to your comments and leave responses of their own. With feedback from colleagues supplemented by revisions from WriteLab, you'll have all the editing assistance you need.


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