How it Works



WriteLab helps students draft, revise, and polish by providing observations, compliments, and suggestions for improvement.



When their writing is ready-to-be-read, students submit it through WriteLab, where you can review their writing choices.


Respond to student writing in WriteLab. Students will see your comments and questions alongside WriteLab's.



See individual or class strengths by viewing analytics on student progress across multiple drafts and essays.

A writer's workflow

WriteLab uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify a range of writing features. WriteLab offers comments, not corrections: neutral observations, compliments, and actionable suggestions for improvement. Students receive immediate feedback, enabling them to practice writing across multiple drafts.



More developed drafts

By helping student writers work through surface-level writing features, WriteLab frees you from time-consuming review and substantially changes the nature of conversation in office hours, shifting the focus to higher-level aspects of writing. When students write with WriteLab, they come to office hours ready to discuss the decisions they’ve made in their drafts.

Share the writing process

WriteLab makes peer-review and workshopping easy. When drafting, students can leave notes for themselves, for peers, or for instructors. After students share their work, peers and instructors can respond and leave comments. In addition, WriteLab’s assignments feature helps you assign, organize, and review student work.



The best of both worlds

Responding to student writing with WriteLab is quick and painless. Your comments appear on students' drafts alongside WriteLab's. WriteLab enables you to customize your responses so you can easily add them to students’ work. With WriteLab’s comments to complement your own, your students have all the editing attention they need.

The proof's in the progress

WriteLab offers detailed analytics about the choices your students make as they revise and edit their writing. View student progress across multiple drafts and documents and see which comments they found helpful. WriteLab's powerful analytics help you identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze student outcomes, and teach more strategically.


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It’s phenomenal. It’s a great system. It’s smart technology. I’m always impressed by something that does it better. This is better.

Dean Ramser

California State University, Dominguez Hills