How it Works



Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your draft. WriteLab analyzes your text and offers thoughtful responses.



Revise by considering WriteLab's comments. We explain and provide examples for each comment.



Share your work with peers and instructors. After they read and respond, you can review their feedback in WriteLab.



Use WriteLab to analyze your text again. Repeat as many times as you like until your draft is ready-to-be-read.

Immediate feedback

With WriteLab's quick, intelligent responses to your writing, you'll never have to turn in a first draft again. Start revising right away and work on any cluttered or confusing sentences before sending off your assignments. You'll have more time to develop your ideas without worrying about the small stuff. Use WriteLab and ace your composition course.



Comments, not corrections

WriteLab goes beyond grammar and spelling to provide a new kind of feedback that leaves all decisions to the writer. Writelab doesn’t correct your writing; it offers neutral observations, compliments what you do well, and suggests ways to improve your prose — helping you develop a clear, articulate voice that is all your own.

Programmed to learn your preferences

When WriteLab points out a passive verb and you change or don’t change it, that’s a stylistic choice that makes your writing unique. WriteLab learns from everyone’s choices, but it also pays attention to individual choices. Over time, WriteLab learns to recognize your decisions and customizes its comments to suit your writing style.



From idea to essay

WriteLab's four modules provide feedback as you draft, revise, and polish your writing. Trim unnecessary words and focus your sentences in Concision. Write clear, connected prose with Clarity comments. Use our Logic feedback to reason soundly — and sound reasonable, too. Then clean everything up in Grammar.

Write with other writers 

Take notes in WriteLab and ask questions. Then share your draft with friends and instructors so they can reply to your questions and leave feedback of their own. You can also request expert feedback from a fellow writer. With feedback from peers and instructors supplemented by WriteLab's Comments, you'll have all the assistance you need.


It’s phenomenal. It’s a great system. It’s smart technology. I’m always impressed by something that does it better. This is better.

Dean Ramser

California State University, Dominguez Hills