How it Works



Students draw on WriteLab's observations, compliments, and suggestions as they write and revise their prose.


Students visit the writing center better prepared, allowing tutors and students to discuss higher-level aspects of tutees' writing.


WriteLab reinforces tutoring sessions by enabling students to revise through multiple drafts in more deliberate ways.



WriteLab supports the writing center's work with detailed data about student progress across multiple drafts and essays.

The prepared student

WriteLab analyzes student writing and offers immediate, intelligent sentence-level feedback: neutral observations, compliments on what students do well, and actionable suggestions for improvement. WriteLab helps students become self-sufficient by encouraging them to revise and edit through multiple drafts before meeting with tutors.



A tool for tutors

WriteLab supports the success of tutors by helping students become increasingly more accomplished and self-sufficient. WriteLab encourages students to make decisions about what they want to say and how they want to say it. Offering comments and questions, not corrections or imperatives, WriteLab is the perfect complement to teaching and tutoring.

Actionable analytics

WriteLab offers powerful analytics on student progress across multiple drafts and essays, showing you the choices students make when they write. Our analytics inform you about every part of the writing process, enabling you to support your work with comprehensive, compelling data and to emerge as a hub for research on your campus.



One click from the center

When WriteLab is part of the writing center, the writing center is never more than a click away. WriteLab’s notes feature enables tutors to work with students even when neither is in the writing center. With WriteLab, students in online courses receive comparable support. WriteLab reinforces the writing center's position as the heartbeat of student success.

Supported by professionals

When you subscribe to WriteLab, you participate in a program designed by leaders in the field of composition, teachers who understand the limits of software programs used to review writing. We offer webinars hosted by these leaders, where your tutors and faculty can contribute to a national conversation about student success in writing.