How it Works



Your students add their draft to our site. WriteLab analyzes their text and offers thoughtful responses. You can curate the comments and add to them.



Your students revise by considering comments from you and WriteLab. We provide an explanation and examples for each comment.

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You can work with your students to review the comments and improve their draft, and can see the changes your students have made.


Your students can continue using WriteLab as they revise their writing, communicating with you in person and via WriteLab's notes feature.

Efficient tutoring

You can curate WriteLab's quick, intelligent responses, making it easy for you to give your students feedback almost instantly. Our feedback is designed to be actionable and non-judgmental, making it easy for your students to learn new concepts. You can also add your own feedback, complementing our comments.



Comments, not corrections

WriteLab goes beyond grammar and spelling to detect a range of Writing Features. A new kind of writing tool, WriteLab provides a new kind of feedback that leaves all decisions to the writer. Writelab doesn’t “correct" your students' writing; it offers neutral observations, compliments what your students do well, and suggests ways your students can improve their prose.

From Idea to Essay 

WriteLab's four modules provide feedback as you draft, revise, and polish your writing. Write clear, connected prose with Clarity comments. Use our Logic feedback to reason soundly — and sound reasonable, too. Trim unnecessary words and focus your sentences in Concision. Then clean everything up in Grammar.



Write with your students

WriteLab makes it easy for you to leave notes, ask questions, and write comments for your students. Use WriteLab's analytics to see student progress over several drafts, making your value clear. With WriteLab, you can help your students and streamline your workflow.