How can I use the Guide?



Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your Draft. WriteLab analyzes your text and offers thoughtful feedback.



Consider WriteLab's Comments. If you're confused or would like more information about one, visit the Guide.



The Guide explains the writing concept behind each Comment and offers examples to inspire your revision.



Return to the WriteLab Editor and consider how you might revise. Decide to revise or to keep the original.

What is WriteLab?


WriteLab is an online writing platform that offers immediate, actionable responses to your prose as you draft, revise, and polish your writing.

WriteLab detects a range of writing features in four areas of writing: Clarity, Logic, Concision, and Grammar. 


What is the Guide?


Building WriteLab, we realized that we needed to provide more detailed explanations than we could in our comments. So we created a writing handbook outlining WriteLab's writing principles. For each writing feature WriteLab detects, our Guide offers an explanation and examples.

You'll find the Guide most helpful if you use it in tandem with WriteLab – WriteLab will identify features of your writing, and you can support our comments with the explanations and examples in the Guide. This way, we'll direct you to the Guide entries that are most relevant to your own writing.



Clarity    |    Logic    |    Concision    |    Grammar


How can I learn more?

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