Our Writing Values

Success motivates learning.

WriteLab doesn't assign grades. It doesn't penalize you for a misplaced comma. It analyzes your writing, it identifies the words, phrases, and grammar issues that might need work, and it tells you why. 

Writing is a skill that increases with frequency of practice.

Even bestselling novelists need to keep writing and rewriting to maintain the quality of their prose. Think about it: how good would professional athletes or musicians be without practice? WriteLab is all about improving from one draft to the next and becoming a more confident and capable writer in the process.

Everyone has the ability to relax into their eloquence as writers.

As a writer, you are designer, engineer, architect, author. We respect and encourage your ability to decide exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. You have the right to affirm your decisions as you cultivate your individual voice and writing techniques.