is an online writing platform offering immediate, constructive responses to any writer’s prose. Drawing on machine learning and natural language processing, WriteLab blends data-driven analysis with proven pedagogical principles to address specific features of thinking in writing and help students write with confidence and success.


The National Writing Project

is a network of sites anchored at colleges and universities and serving teachers across disciplines and at all levels. The NWP provides professional development, develops resources, generates research, and acts on knowledge to improve the teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities.

Why We Are Working Together


Based on our shared values and dedication to effective pedagogy in teaching writing, WriteLab and the National Writing Project will develop opportunities to further our mutual objectives: to improve writing and how we teach it and to encourage and support best practices among the professional community of educators. 

We will collaborate to design and fund research to increase WriteLab’s impact and usefulness to students and instructors. Combining our strengths in technology and pedagogy, we seek to realize our shared vision of a future where everyone is a skilled and confident writer and an active participant in a digital, interconnected world.



Exclusive Opportunity

Provide your students with free access to WriteLab for the entire academic year!
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