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Founded by a Berkeley research team, WriteLab brings together Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and English Language Instruction. With international partners and investors, WriteLab saves instructors time and scores student work accurately—helping students revise multiple drafts for every assignment. 

WriteLab Works:


of students feel WriteLab makes them better writers.


of students revised their drafts up to 2 times faster.


of students agreed WriteLab made them more confident writers.

If you want a glimpse of the future, look no further than WriteLab.
— Richard Sterling | Executive Director Emeritus of the National Writing Project

What We Offer.

Good Writing Makes Any Education Goal Possible. There’s No Bigger Investment Or Better Partnership. 


WriteLab's automated Scoring Engine and Comment Engine can be customized to your data.

WriteLab Scoring Engine

WriteLab's Scoring Engine can automatically score thousands of new essays instantly—providing rich student performance data. Each solution we create is customized to meet your needs, allowing you to maintain your own curriculum and rubrics. 

WriteLab Comment Engine

With your written responses and comments, WriteLab's Comment Engine can replicate the suggestions your experts leave in the margins of student work.



WriteLab's API can plug directly into your platform, so your users never need to leave your site to use our service.


Access WriteLab's industry-leading revision technology directly from your organization's writing platforms. Our algorithms parse and analyze your writing, and send our revisions and feedback directly to the writing software you already use. With WriteLab's API, you can make your text editor smart.


WriteLab integrates with popular learning management systems (LMS) to provide users with streamlined, single sign on (SSO) experiences. 



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