WriteLab Premium provides 360-degree access to our AI writing features.

Are you seeking a new tool that can enhance your writing instruction, foster collaboration between students, and help students master writing-based learning and curriculum goals? With WriteLab, you can help your students master the writing process with auto-generated feedback on Concision, Clarity, Logic, and Grammar. Learn more about WriteLab's feedback. 


Classroom Membership

$299 annually for a single classroom of up to 35 students.

*New teachers: Only $99 for 2017-18. Save $200 on your first year! *You must purchase by June 30, 2017.

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Homeschool Membership

$69 annually for one family household.

If you’re teaching a group of children who are not your own, you need a Classroom Membership.

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School Membership

$2,499 annually. Multi-year discounts of 33% available. 

*New schools: Only $1499 for 2017-18. *You must purchase by June 30, 2017 to receive this discount. Valid for schools up to 2000 students. For larger schools, request a custom quote.

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Writing Center Membership

$1250 annually for your school or university Writing Center.

*New centers: Only $750 for 2017-18. Save $500 on your first year! Includes tutor accounts. *You must purchase before June 30, 2017 to receive this discount.

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District Membership

Purchase multiple schools with a single purchase order. Multi-year discounts of 33% are available. 

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