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How WriteLab Works for ELL Students


AI Feedback

ELLs exhibit a variety of writing problems, most of which focus on parts of speech, pluralization, and verb tenses. Using the latest advances in deep learning, WriteLab provides real-time feedback for ELLs—looking at the whole context of a paper to determine which revisions will make the most sense for a particular student.



WriteLab ensures that student writing is correct by scanning their sentences, pointing out errors, and offering revisions to modify their prose. WriteLab also offers new words that are more appropriate to their writing context.



WriteLab goes beyond grammar and spelling to provide a new kind of feedback that evaluates students' entire drafts, pointing out moments when they drift between topics or lose their train of thought.



Leading Companies Around the World Work with WriteLab

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It’s phenomenal. It’s a great system. It’s smart technology. I’m always impressed by something that does it better. This is better.

—Dean Ramser

English Lecturer | Cal State University, Dominguez Hills


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