Why WriteLab?


The ability to articulate an idea is vital to success, no matter the discipline. If you don't understand what your students are saying, it's difficult to appreciate their arguments. But whether your students are writing proofs, lab reports, executive summaries, or research essays, WriteLab is here to support their success.


WriteLab helps students overcome sentence-level obstacles and encourages productive revision by offering actionable suggestions, neutral observations, and thought-provoking questions. By interacting with WriteLab's feedback, students develop their voices and learn to articulate their thoughts clearly and confidently.


What is WriteLab?


The first of its kind, WriteLab is an online writing tool that provides immediate, actionable feedback on students' writing. Built by instructors with experience across the disciplines, WriteLab combines natural language processing and machine learning with proven pedagogical principles. 

Our goal is to help students write with confidence while providing instructors with resources, tools, and analytics. With WriteLab, you can assign projects, review and comment on students' work, and view detailed analytics about students' progress in your class and across campus – all in one place!


How can I learn more?

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